Woodturned Scottish hardwood vases for sprigs and buds, hand-finished with bees wax.

Materials: Scottish Hardwoods: Oak, Elm, Beech, Ash, Birch, Sweet Chestnut, Walnut, Yew.

Commission: Showroom

Photography: Tom Addy, Amy Muir, Jonathon Addie

Crafted in our dedicated turning studio by Ewen Falconer, our collections of vases illustrate the wonderful variety of textures and tones of Scottish hardwoods. Specially chosen from character timber, these turnings make use of pieces too small for furniture making and contribute to our aim to use all parts of a tree, honouring its life and preserving its beauty.

Made from all the species of Scottish hardwoods available to us, and finished by hand with bees wax, these timeless objects highlight the beauty and individualism of the materials we use.

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