Rooted in provenance, our furniture workshop employs traditional methods, elevating the natural beauty and character of the most distinctive Scottish wood.

Every chair, side board, stool and table is crafted by hand in our Aberdeenshire workshop. The true character of our work is not defined by the skill of our hand, the quality of our tools or the depth of our vision, but by the original timber — the wood does the talking.

Whether sourced from windblow, tree surgery or mill stock, our materials are never chosen on the basis of being ‘flawless’, but rather for their individual colour, grain, and texture.

While we can make a set of chairs of equal dimensions, for instance, the nature of our material means every piece is unique, never exactly identical to another.

TOR workshop — Tom Addy

TOR workshop timber furniture — image©Jonathan Addie

Selected Work

Tor workshop furniture maker tools

Commissions & New Projects

We welcome interest in new furniture commissions and employ a waiting list to ensure clients can secure their place on our workshop schedule.

Get in touch to find out more about bespoke furniture work and visit our showroom in Braemar to browse pieces and discuss commissions.