A small side table for whisky drinking — a coming together of craft, time and provenance.

Materials: Oak

Commission: The Fife Arms

Photography: Tom Addy [photographed in the heather at Micras moor], Jonathan Addie

With a brief to design a small side table for whisky drinking, our Dram Table takes inspiration from parts of a whisky barrel.

The lathe-turned table top — with its chamfered sides and rim detail — is reminiscent of a barrel top, with the legs shaped as staves turned in on themselves, creating an elegant tripod.

The turned connecting piece is modelled on the bung for filling and emptying the barrel.

TOR Dram Table — image©Jonathan Addie
TOR Dram Table Legs — image©Jonathan Addie
TOR Roundside 2

Our material choice for furniture made for whisky drinking is oak — the same timber used for barrels. The wood often influences flavours in the drink, and the wild grain and intricate knots come alive when looked at through the prism of a glass of whisky.

A coming together of craft, time and provenance.

TOR Workshop Furniture Dram Table Connecting Piece — image©Jonathan Addie
Dram Table in heather — Tor Workshop