Tor are builders of award-winning homes and producers of meaningful bespoke furniture for valued clients.

Tor Contracting was founded in 2012, the workshop began producing furniture in 2015 and the Braemar showroom opened in late 2020.

Both aspects of the business — contracting and workshop — are defined by a shared commitment to craftsmanship, use of quality materials and adherence to exacting standards.

Tor have been proudly involved on a number of renowned projects, recognised by:

— Condé Nast Readers’ Choice Awards
— The Sunday Times Hotel of the Year
— Scottish Design Awards
— American Institute of Architects UK
— Aberdeen Society of Architects

Tor Furniture Workshop Braemar Scotland - drawer detail
TOR landscape — Cairngorms Scotland — image©Ben Addy

Brothers Tom and Ben Addy grew up in Royal Deeside and established the business in 2012.

Heavily invested in their home region, Tor proudly get involved with communities — including work with the River Dee Trust and the Cairngorms Trust — and always look for opportunities to make a positive contribution.

Co-founder Tom Addy sits on the board of the Scottish Furniture Makers Association, and Tor are invested in furthering the craft, drawing attention to key issues and supporting fellow makers, at all levels.

One such issue is Ash Dieback disease, and Tor are currently developing a project to highlight the qualities of ash timber and the urgency of this threat.

The showroom workshop in the centre of Braemar is open to the public and regularly hosts woodworking demonstrations — follow Tor Workshop on Facebook and Instagram for the latest events.

TOR Workshop - Set of three Scorched Vases
TOR workshop — Tom Addy
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TOR Workshop 3 2
TOR corndavon
TOR Workshop 1
Burr Oak Hooded Chairs — Tor furniture workshop Braemar — Tom Addy
TOR workshop 63
TOR Workshop - Spalted Vases - Wood Turning
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TOR Fife 4
TOR workshop 2
Tor Workshop — Elm Lamp
TOR workshop 83
TOR Fife 2
Turned and Scorched Lamp
TOR workshop 112
TOR Moxon Blackhouse Cairngorms architecture Scotland — image©Moxon
Tor workshop Scotland — firing timber