A room for cooking in a wood-fired oven; eating and drinking with friends; thinking, reading and drawing.

Project type: Off-Grid, Traditional and Heritage construction

Design Credit: Moxon Architects

Client: Private

Featured: CabinPorn.com

Photography: Moxon Architects

Blackhouse is an off-grid building that repurposes the ruins of a long-abandoned dwelling, set into a wooded hillside with panoramic views of the Dee Valley and Lochnagar.

The masonry remains of this former blackhouse were first stabilised using traditional lime mortar and a salvaged slate flagstone floor was laid.

A new ‘green’ timber structure was then built to support a curved living roof of wild flowers, creating a seamless connection to the forest floor above.

TOR MOXON Blackhouse 7 — image©Moxon

TOR MOXON Blackhouse — Cairngorms National Park — image©Moxon
TOR MOXON Blackhouse 7 — image©Moxon
TOR MOXON Blackhouse interior, oven —  image©Moxon
TOR MOXON Blackhouse — exterior 2 —  image©Moxon
TOR MOXON Blackhouse — interior detail —  image©Moxon

Fitted with a wood-burning stove and a cast in situ wood-fired oven, this small space provides the client with an all-weather refuge full of history and traditional timber joinery.

— Scottish Design Awards Winner 2019

— Architect’s Journal Small Projects Awards 2019

TOR MOXON Blackhouse interior detail, Cairngorms National Park —  image©Moxon
TOR MOXON Blackhouse interior full —  image©Moxon